Why Gusto and Gnome?

A question I get fairly often is “why do all your friends call you Gnome?” Or another question I get more recently, “why is your website called onlinegusto.com?”

Having my name as Matt is something I have really disliked my whole life. Matt is a very very very common name, and even an object. It can be confusting….. Matt go sit on the matte black mat.

I mistake people calling me all the time.

That’s how my nickname came about; there were just too many Matts in the world. So one day, when I was probably still 1-metre tall (or a few feet) with a raging beard at 15 years old and a beanie. A friend who was a couple of years older than me, laughed and said, “you look like a gnome!” – It stuck.

So throughout high school EVERYONE called me Gnome, teachers, parents and all my friends – except girlfriends, that would just be weird.

To be honest I would have loved to call my website onlinegnome.com, digitalgnome.com, marketingmatt.com or something along those lines.

But I couldn’t.

If you know me, you will know that travel is a very important part of my life. But perhaps a little more important is my job or the work I do.  And Matt and Gnome are pretty well branded and saturated in the Travel Niche.

My 2 biggest competitions are nomadicmatt.com and Travelocity Gnome. So I had to make a new name –  I had to rebrand myself yet again.

I will probably get round to writing a full post about choosing a name for your website (when I get time). But the steps I took were.

  1. Decide on a niche
  2. Make the name broad
  3. Try include a keyword
  4. Do research on words ( I read a book on 10 000 words to improve your vocabulary)
  5. Make sure no one is using it
  6. Use websites to check if it’s taken on social media platforms
  7. Buy it
  8. Own it

My niche was working “online” so i used that, probs should have gone with “digital” though and I kinda liked words that had a “G” in them, because of my nickname from school.

I really enjoyed the work “gusto” it explained how I feel about my work – really.




A very important part of marketing is being able to Brand yourself. So for me, I used my real name; Matt Davison and added my g for mattgdavison.  I use this name across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram  and every kind of social media you can think of.

I see the searches are increasing for mattgdavison so this is a good sign but it is SUPER hard to rank for Matt Davison as I have to beat a photographer, web developer and an ideas broker. But I love a challenge, so game on Matt Davsions of the world.

When I first bought onlinegusto.com, the name gusto.com (I made an offer to buy) was sitting dormant there was no one using gusto except some restaurants and a few others that were pretty average and I knew I could out rank them in a couple of months.

Then something horrible happened Zenpayroll bought gusto.com….. Jeeze that sucked and already just a couple of months in I can see the effects in my Search Queries Dashboard.

I may have to brand myself again because I really like to be the dominant top spot for one word answers (its maybe an SEO thing). I may have to wait till someone gives me a super bad ass nickname that I can brand myself to.

But untill then I will work under the name onlinegusto.